Sims 2 Legacy: A New Start – The Setter Family

Welcome to the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge, wherein we’re going to try to complete as many of the challenges as we can and then total up our points.  Except maybe the pet one.  I hate pets in The Sims games.  We’ll see how I feel about it later.  First things first, mods.  We aren’t allowed to use any, and as such we aren’t.  The only things mod-like we have installed are some default replacements such as:

Not to mention the skin replacements and stuff of that nature.  Beautifier stuff, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. But if you see them in pictures and want me to make a more complete list then I absolutely will.

Onto the challenge!  I won’t rehash the rules, but if you want to read them the core rules are here and the advanced rules are here.  And we have some handicaps too.  The first one is Matriarchy, which means that all of our heirs must be female and we have to keep having kids until we do have a girl heir.  The second is True Love, and true love means that our founder and her heirs are holding out for their soul-mate.  The technical definition is three lightning bolts of attraction, and we are allowed to use the matchmaker if we want to.  That said, they are allowed to marry other sims and have them move in, but the heir must be born via a ‘true love’ union.  On that note, however, our third handicap is Strict Family Values.  This means our family doesn’t think it’s proper to woohoo without being married and every woohoo must be a ‘try for baby’ option, as contraceptives are unnatural to the Setter family.  And finally, just for the fun of it, we have International Turmoil.  Travelling internationally isn’t really safe for sims, and the only time they’re allowed to go on vacation is when they’re strong enough to defend themselves.  Which means they must have the body skill maxed out.

As a side note, as far as rules go, I wasn’t sure what the rules for college were.  The site mentioned them, but I couldn’t find the actual rules, so we’re going to stick to the core rules for them.  I do know that we must live in a dorm room, so we’re doing that.  Let’s get into it.


Amelia Setter was one of those girl-next-door types.  Always too nice in her life and more than willing to befriend everyone in the world.  Ultimately though, Amelia wanted a family.  Going to Académie Le Tour was something that she felt like she had to do, lest she wouldn’t succeed in the world.  All she really wanted out of school, though, was to open her own art gallery and sell masterpieces.  Any kind would do, though she particularly preferred to paint.



What she was most looking forward to were her classes and, maybe, meeting a bunch of new people in her dorm.  She wasn’t too pleased about it being a co-ed dorm though, somehow that seemed wrong to her.  She wasn’t one to complain too much though.  And there was always the possibility that she would meet the love of her life, fall madly in love, and then immediately get married after graduation.  A girl could hope anyway, right?  The romantic in her did a lot of hoping.  Things were slow though.  She was the first to arrive in her dorm and it didn’t seem like a lot of people were moving in yet.  Maybe she was overeager.


However, by the time she made it upstairs to start studying, a few people had made their way in and joined her.  Already she was meeting new people and, maybe, making new friends.  Amelia was so excited about it she almost forgot she had class soon and ended up having to walk there in the rain, but nothing could put her in a bad mood after that.



2 thoughts on “Sims 2 Legacy: A New Start – The Setter Family

  1. vecordias says:

    ahhh, amelia looks so pretty! fingers crossed her fabulous red hair sticks around for a few gens, and you decide to continue!!! 🙂


    • Thanks! I made one of her turn-ons blonde in the hopes that the red might stick around at least for the second generation. I worry when the darker hair is introduced. We’ll definitely continue though! 😀


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