Sims 2 Legacy: People Are Crazy – The Setter Family

Amelia’s class went as it always did, drawing stick figures was a little boring after all.  The learning experience was worth it, that was what she kept telling herself.  Honestly she was starting to wish that she had skipped college altogether and just opened her own gallery.  She needed to make the most of it though and once she got into the more advanced stuff she’d have more fun.  Until then, she was just going to have to slog through.  On the way back from class Amelia ran into one of her dorm-mates, Travis Menon.


He seemed all right, and they got on pretty well.  The more Amelia talked to him, the more she liked him, and she thought he was pretty cute.  But she wasn’t really one to put all of her eggs in one basket.  She was so busy with classes and studying, that she hadn’t really had much time to talk to all of the people she was living with.  That was going to be her new goal, chat up a few people and see what they were all about.  And while she did like Travis a bit, there were lots of fish in the sea.

007008Another such fish, to keep using the metaphor that Amelia was now starting to find a little rude and degrading, was Payton Jordan.  He was pretty nice too, and just as cute as Travis.  With that in mind, she couldn’t help but feel like there was someone out there who would be better for her.  So she was just going to keep her friends close and hold out for that something more.  In fact, she needed to stop thinking about all of that and really get to work on her classes.  The first semester was nearly over and she needed to get into over time.  Not tonight though, tonight she needed to get some sleep for class tomorrow.  It was so important to be well-rested.  With that in mind, Amelia went to bed, blissfully snoring like there was no tomorrow.  Until there was an unlikely disturbance in her room.

009Hearing that tell-tale clacking of keys on a keyboard, Amelia awoke to find a relative stranger in her room.  Sure, she had seen Marcel Miceli around.  Even studied with him once.  But for him to be in her room?  No.  She was not liking that at all.  This is what she was dreading when she decided to live in a dorm.  Weird guys walking up in her room while she was sleeping in her underwear.  Amelia was definitely not pleased and, despite her friendly demeanor, wasn’t going to take that lying down.  Pun not intended.

010Amelia calmly, but directly, explained how inappropriate it was to be walking into her room while she wasn’t wearing any proper clothes.  Marcel wasn’t taking it too kindly, but he did leave.  After that Amelia very quickly locked her door and went back to sleep.  It wasn’t a great way to start the night, and her mood in the morning wasn’t much better.  Instead of dwelling on it, Amelia decided that she would just paint away her frustrations and, hopefully, get a little practice in for classes as well.

011Unfortunately as soon as she was feeling better, she was bound to take another hit.  Breakfast time was supposed to be a good time.  You got to eat something yummy after having not eaten since dinner, or maybe a late night snack, either way it was supposed to be pleasant!  Except the dorm cook decided today was the day to burn the pancakes.  Not to mention the girl who thought breakfast was the time for a good streaking.  Because that made sense.012

Amelia was truly starting to hate her dorm.  She was honestly thankful when it was time for class and she’d get a respite away from all of the madness of crazy people.  Were there any normal ones anymore?  It certainly didn’t seem so.  Maybe Amelia was a little up-tight.  That was a definite possibility.  Still though, never had she been more grateful for the chance to go draw stick figures than she was today.  With her burnt pancakes choked down, Amelia went to class without another thought.

013On the way home, Amelia was thinking that instead of dealing with these people, she would just study and be fully prepared for her final exam.  It was literally just around the corner and she hadn’t even completed her term paper.  She left it all until the last minute and she wasn’t liking that very much.  After getting some food, taking a shower, and being prepared to hunker down for the night, Amelia started writing.

014Everything seemed to just flow right and, in no time at all, her paper was done.  She vowed then not to leave everything until the last minute.  If she was more on top of things then she would have more time to hone her craft.  She could get started on all of those paintings that she would put in her gallery for rich people to see.  And buy.  Though money was kind of secondary to just being great at something she loved.015The next morning, before she had a chance to even get ready for the day, Amelia had to run out the door to her exam.  She felt exhausted even after a pretty decent night’s sleep.  Fingers crossed, she would do well.  Maybe there was something to be said for that superstition.016Returning home, Amelia was informed that she passed with flying colors and even made it on the Dean’s List!  It was an exciting honor, one that proved she should be there at school, but something still didn’t feel right.  It bothered Amelia all day, as she painted.  Nothing was turning out right either.  Something was just eating at her.  It wasn’t until the next morning that she figured it out.  All work and no play was making Amelia a dull girl.  She remembered how she vowed not to leave things until the last minute again.  This semester was going to be better.  Immediately after class, this time where she got to draw humans instead of stick figures (naked though they were, needless to say that made her uncomfortable), Amelia started working hard.

017All of the hard work paid off, she even had her midterm paper written and done.  She was well on her way to a perfect semester.  With her duties done, excluding class attendance, Amelia could go out and have fun.  That was her new goal, go out and see what was going on, maybe meet some people who were cool and like-minded.


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