Sims 2 Legacy: People Are Crazy – The Setter Family

Amelia’s class went as it always did, drawing stick figures was a little boring after all.  The learning experience was worth it, that was what she kept telling herself.  Honestly she was starting to wish that she had skipped college altogether and just opened her own gallery.  She needed to make the most of it though and once she got into the more advanced stuff she’d have more fun.  Until then, she was just going to have to slog through.  On the way back from class Amelia ran into one of her dorm-mates, Travis Menon.


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Sims 2 Legacy: A New Start – The Setter Family

Welcome to the Sims 2 Legacy Challenge, wherein we’re going to try to complete as many of the challenges as we can and then total up our points.  Except maybe the pet one.  I hate pets in The Sims games.  We’ll see how I feel about it later.  First things first, mods.  We aren’t allowed to use any, and as such we aren’t.  The only things mod-like we have installed are some default replacements such as:

Not to mention the skin replacements and stuff of that nature.  Beautifier stuff, so I don’t think it’s a big deal. But if you see them in pictures and want me to make a more complete list then I absolutely will.

Onto the challenge!  I won’t rehash the rules, but if you want to read them the core rules are here and the advanced rules are here.  And we have some handicaps too.  The first one is Matriarchy, which means that all of our heirs must be female and we have to keep having kids until we do have a girl heir.  The second is True Love, and true love means that our founder and her heirs are holding out for their soul-mate.  The technical definition is three lightning bolts of attraction, and we are allowed to use the matchmaker if we want to.  That said, they are allowed to marry other sims and have them move in, but the heir must be born via a ‘true love’ union.  On that note, however, our third handicap is Strict Family Values.  This means our family doesn’t think it’s proper to woohoo without being married and every woohoo must be a ‘try for baby’ option, as contraceptives are unnatural to the Setter family.  And finally, just for the fun of it, we have International Turmoil.  Travelling internationally isn’t really safe for sims, and the only time they’re allowed to go on vacation is when they’re strong enough to defend themselves.  Which means they must have the body skill maxed out.

As a side note, as far as rules go, I wasn’t sure what the rules for college were.  The site mentioned them, but I couldn’t find the actual rules, so we’re going to stick to the core rules for them.  I do know that we must live in a dorm room, so we’re doing that.  Let’s get into it.

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